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Hallowell EMC 2000

Hallowell EMC Model 2000 Ventilator

Ventilator model: Model 2000

Product features:

Timing, constant volume and constant pressure

Easy to operate, two adjustment knobs and an alarm setter

The suction drum can be replaced. The suction drum cover can minimize the dead space of the ventilator ventilation system and provide accurate tidal volume

The suction drum and housing are easy to replace, only 30s

The connecting parts of the respiratory system are easy to clean and disinfect

Suction drum:

Three specifications of suction drum are available

Corrugated design

Simple rotary switch

Suction drum cover:

Saving gas loss

Adjustable pressure limit audible alarm

Ultra low respiratory pressure self breaking alarm

Applicable to different gases


Pressure alarm:

Wide setting range

Breath holding ventilation function at the end of inspiration


Scope of application: suitable for animals weighing 1-200kg, including rabbits, cats, dogs, cattle, sheep, etc

Tidal volume: 0~3000 ml (the suction drum can be replaced to adjust the tidal volume. There are three types of suction drums: 0~300ml, 300~1600ml and 1600~3000ml)

Frequency: 6~40 (BPM) times/minute

Respiratory flow (minute ventilation range): 0~100L/min

The pressure limit adjustment range is 10~60cm H2O. Optional ultra-high pressure, ultra-low pressure and over flow alarm

Working mode: timed, consistent breathing volume, airway pressure control.

1: E is 1:2

Working voltage: 220-240V

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